Hi there.

So here’s a central hub for all the stuff I’m up to. People always ask what I’m up to, and I end up at a loss for words since I’m up to so much. Now I can just direct traffic to here – or more likely I’ll pull it up on my phone and read the bands and projects page to folks… Either way, I figure this will come in handy from time to time. For example, you might have gotten a business card at a recent gig, and didn’t know I was in a japanese pop rock tribute, too! So we all win, right?

Here’s a picture of the trail of transmission fluid my car was spewing out over the summer. Not going to say anything about it, honestly I’m just trying to populate the front page of this site to have anything at all on it. Either way, it’s pretty, right?



In other news – I’m going to have to tell you about an upcoming ALL AGES show that Something Beautiful is playing in November. Why did I just yell “all ages” at you? Because SoB never plays all-ages shows, so it’s kind of a big deal. Have lunch at Buddy Guy’s next Thursday and I’ll tell you all about it. See what I did there?