Flashes From My Memories

So Something Beautiful needed a CD. We decided to do a full-length album instead of a five-dollar three-banger that would only keep people listening for a minute. We had been working up a lot of material, but a fair share of what we knew was slated for Songs About Angels and that thing wasn’t anywhere near finished.

We had to come up with a full record’s worth of music, but only had a little here and there that we could put on the record. So we had to do a lot of digging in old demos and notebooks in addition to a ton of new writing. It was a major hassle, though worth it. We did a lot of sitting and staring – which is why I’m thinking about those days now. 

I’m finding myself sitting and staring at the home page of this blog, hoping I have enough to say so I can just fill the first page with content. “Content” is the word marketers, publishers, and business people use to make the sentence “We need more crap that most folks probably won’t read on the website” look and sound less idiotic. 

It’s kinda fun though. In the meantime, however – go support live music at your favorite venue. Or read quietly while sipping a cup of tea. Or stay up all night doing whatever it is you do on pinterest. Do something, but do the hell out of it. Rock on.